Life Saving Equipments & Navigation Equipments

We have supply all type of marine deck & safety equipments.

Life Saving Equipments & Navigation Equipments
Lifeboat Life rafts Life buoy
Lifejackets Lifejackets lights Breathing Apparatus
E.E.B.D. Elsa S.C.B.A. set
TPA suit Fireman's suit Chemical suits
Immersion Suit (All size: Universal, Child, Over size)
Helly Imperial Lalizas
Stearns Unitor Viking
Air Operated Pump (Wilden pump)
P1 P2 P4
P8 T1 T2
T4 T8 T15

Life jacket (used \ new),Life jacket air cartridge 33g, 23g, Life jacket lights (All Type), Magnetic compass, Mask (used / new), MMC Tape, Molykote (1000, BR-2, Paste G & Z), Navigation lamp (24V, 110V, 220V), Aldis Lamp, All Type Navigation Light, Navtex Paper Roll, Navtex Receiver, Oil Spill Kit (Boom & Pads), Spray, Belzona Range,S. C. B. A. Set (Drager, Sabre, MSA), Barometer (Brass & Aluminum), All Type Welding Rods, Breathing Air Compressor, Carpet Cleaner, Chain Block, Copal Slip, Cord bond, Wire Brush, Rust Remover, Devcon, E. E. B. D. 10min / 15min., Fire Hose (40,50, 65 mm), Fire Hose Nozzel, Fire Suits (Used & New), Flails ( Pins & Kaju), Floor Polish, Fog Horn, Fresh Air Hose Mask, Gasoline Finder Paste, All Type Hand Cleaner, Hatch Tapes, H. R. U., Immersion Survival Suits, IMO Symbols, Jet Chisel Needles, Colour Kut, Krylon Industrial Silicone Lube, Lantern Battery, Life Boat Compass, Life Boat Emergency Ration, Life Boat Light, Life Boat Oars, Life Buoy Ring, Paint Rollars Brush With Hendle, Safty Goggles, Self Igniting Light for Ring Buoy, Silicone Tubes, Smoke Detector, Standerd Steel Wire Cub Brush, Station Pointer, Steel Plate Clamps, Strokes Splint Stretcher, Thermal Protect Aid Suits, Thistle Bond, Torch Wrench, Total Safty Equipments